Date & Time
4 December 2021 2:30 PM
Zoom & FB Live

The Secret to Wellness During and After Cancer

Genevieve is a 3 time Cancer Survivor and Thriver from Sydney, Australia.

In 2017, at 42 years of age was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, which she recovered and healed from, that was 5 yrs ago. During that time she studied the Power of the Mind and went onto study Neuroscience and became a Certified Hypnotherapist. Lucky she discovered these new skills because in 2020 she was treated for Cancer in her Sternum and then again in 2021, when she collapsed having a seizure, she was treated for Cancer in her brain. Today she is alive and well and has learnt how Hypnotherapy can reveal how strong the mind truly is, her mission is to share how to use the hidden strength inside us all to overcome any challenge.

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