Message From TAC Malaysia

Message From Ranjit KaurĀ 

Chairman of TAC Malaysia

We wish to congratulate Society for Cancer Advocacy and Awareness Kuching (SCAN) for its official launch.

The members of Together Against Cancer Association Malaysia (TAC) are delighted to witness and support the formation of SCAN. Among the six regions of Malaysia that participated in the Malaysian Experience Exchange of Patient Organizations (MEEPO) Workshops in 2016, the Sarawak region took on the call to start their very first own localized advocacy body. It gives us great pleasure to see the result of the formation of a new movement in advocacy and community education.

As leaders of SCAN you are well qualified and have all the ingredients to venture into successful implementation of your goals. Your courage and passion will enable you to face the challenges that SCAN may encounter in the areas of advocacy and community awareness as shown in the video recording of cancer survivors that will be witnessed by those present at the launch. WE wish you success in achieving your aims and objectives.


Ranjit Kaur

23rd September 2017